Mobile Tax Consultants of America

What’s a Mobile Tax Consultant of America?

A Mobile Tax Consultant of America is an Independent Contractor that have 100% control over the money they could make and the tax clients that they could source. A Mobile Tax Consultant will not be preparing the Tax Returns but more source connecting with the taxpayer and sending their information to our main office via our Tax App or Portal to prepare and then you will collect your 20%.

A Mobile Tax Consultant will meet with their clients either face to face or virtually and walk them through the paperwork submission process.

Your primary role is to source the client and guide them through getting the paperwork to our corporate office. After that, you will monitor their tax prep and collect your 20% fee.

After you assist your client in uploading their tax paperwork, our Enrolled Agents and CPA’s will process, review, and submit the return. Our CPA’s and EA’s will also talk with the taxpayer to better serve them. It’s easier than tying your shoes.

As a Mobile Tax Consultant of America, you are only required to purchase your MTCA Marketing kit.


Your MTCA Marketing kit includes:

1. 250 Business Cards

2. 1 Mobile Tax Consultant T-shirt

3. MTCA Facebook Page

4. MTCA Email address

5. Mobile Tax Consultant of America Certificate

6. Mobile app access

7. Marketing Tips

8. Placement on Website

9. Mobile Tax Consultant of America Badge

We want all of our MTCA to be successful, so your cost to become a Mobile Tax Consultatant is only $399 and $11 per month Technology fee.

Your $11 per month Technology fee is for our training’s and software usage.

What’s a Mobile Tax Preparer of America?

A Mobile Tax Preparer of America is an Independent Contractor/ Business owner, that have been trained to actually prepare their clients returns and gain 100% of all revenue collected from providing Tax Preparation services. A Mobile Tax Preparer of America not only sources the client but actually prepare the tax returns.

Being a Mobile Tax Preparer, allows you the freedom to be your own boss and make the money you want. A Mobile Tax Preparer can have a brick & Mortor or work out of their home. A Mobile Tax Preparer, will be trained on how to prepare taxes and minimize their clients tax burdens with tax planning and strategy.

A Mobile Tax Preparer will have their own software, website, PTIN, EFIN , and all the essentials needed to build a profitable Tax Business.

  •  Earn 30% for each tax return sourced

  • Our CPA’s prepare the returns

  • No store-front needed

  • Year-round Support

  • In-season Marketing Support

  • Ability to Scale

  • Our Processors handle the rest (client questions, facilitate digital signatures)

  • Add services to your existing customer base

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